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Notice Of Interest Sub. S-hldr (29A) - Wellington Management Company, Llp

Back Feb 02, 2011

Particulars of Substantial Securities Holder


Address 280 CONGRESS STREET, BOSTON, MA 02210, U.S.A.
NRIC/Passport No/Company No. N/A
Nationality/Country of incorporation MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A.
Descriptions (Class & nominal value) ORDINARY SHARES OF RM0.10 EACH
Name & address of registered holder 1. Cartaban Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd - 75,488,470
2. Citigroup Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd. - 1,811,702
3. Goldman Sachs International - 388,730
4. HSBC Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd. - 41,711,260
5. JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. - 5,299,960
6. Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd. - 4,132,000
7. Mellon Bank, N.A. - 6,120,700
8. RBC Dexia Investor Services - 5,036,600

Date interest acquired & no of securities acquired

Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Date interest acquired 27/01/2011
No of securities 1,710,760
Circumstances by reason of which Securities Holder has interest Acquisition of shares
Nature of interest Direct
Price Transacted ($$)

Total no of securities after change

Direct (units) 139,989,422 
Direct (%) 5.05 
Indirect/deemed interest (units)  
Indirect/deemed interest (%)  
Date of notice 01/02/2011

Remarks :
Wellington Management Compny, LLP is registered as an investment advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission under Section 203 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, as amended and acts as discretionary investment manager on behalf of various separate accounts.

This announcement is based on the information in the Notice of Interest of Substantial Shareholder dated 01/02/2011 of Wellington Management Company, LLP received by the registered office of AirAsia Berhad on 02/02/2011.


Announcement Info

Stock Name AIRASIA    
Date Announced 2 Feb 2011  
Category Notice of Interest of Substantial Shareholder Pursuant to Form 29A of the Companies Act. 1965
Reference No CM-110202-34258